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wigmore Eco-friendly Cleaning

When we first opened our laundry, we wanted to be able to offer the best service in London and wigmore. To be the best, we had to buy the best. So we went ahead and invested in the finest garment cleaning machinery available. We have our own in-house jacket machine, trouser machine, shirt machine and ironing table. We don’t sub-contract anything. Your garments come from you, to us, and back to you.

We also make sure we only ever use the best detergents and other cleaning materials. And it is this combination of advanced machinery, and top quality consumables that makes us the best laundry service in the area.

If you have ever taken your garments to a cheap cleaning service, and they have come back without stains being removed, still smell, or are not as bright as they could be, this is because the cleaner used cheap detergent and old machinery. We believe that you get what you pay for. We use only the best, so that your clothing is returned to you completely clean and in perfect shape.

Happy Users

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Cleaning process

Schedule a pickup at a time that suits you. We will collect, clean and drop your fresh clothes back at your chosen time to your door..


The toughest stains require some additional effort to make sure they are removed entirely during the cleaning process. We use pre-spotting to tackle those stains before the main clean.


We offer a full range of garment cleaning services. This includes our eco-friendly wet cleaning process, as well as more traditional dry cleaning methods. Rest assured, we will always recommend the most suitable cleaning technique for your garments.


We use a combination of specialized machines, and good old fashioned elbow grease, to ensure that your garments are returned pressed as if they were brand new.